Bank transfer

Banca Prossima
IBAN IT 62 I 03359 01600 100000119809

Made out to: “Associazione Amici di Gabriele Onlus”
Motive: Donation from “name of company or person”

Post Office current account

C/C 73429631
IBAN IT77 U076 0101 6000 0007 3429 631
ABI 07601 CAB 01600 CIN U
Made out to: “Associazione Amici di Gabriele Onlus”


Made out to: “Associazione Amici di Gabriele Onlus”

The more you donate the less tax you pay

Charitable donations are deductible from the taxable income of natural persons or companies under Italian law. (Law no. 35 of 14.3.2005, “+ dai – versi”).
To benefit from tax relief you must keep proof of payment by bank transfer, cheque or credit card.


A will can be drawn up at any time and it is always possible to change it, cancel it or replace it. It can either be holographic (written in one’s own hand), or public (drafted by a solicitor and signed in the presence of witnesses). A holographic will must be kept in a safe place, and best deposited with a solicitor or a person of trust.